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Harness Your Career and Business with WIN Women In Nursing.

WIN Women In Nursing is an organization dedicated to helping women in nurses achieve their professional career and business goals. Our mission is to support women in nursing through coaching, workshops, conferences, and anthologies focused on career and business development. We are passionate about creating a vibrant community of nurses that is propelled by the success of each individual. 


Dr. Shamika Livingston BCNP, DN

Visionary Author

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Romans 28 

And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose


Dr. Shamika Livingston BCNP, DN, Co-founder of WIN Women In Nursing LLC, while also being the Chapter President of Holistic Professionals of Color for NWPA, she is an accomplished healthcare professional with a profound commitment to holistic and alternative medicine. Her impressive journey is a testament to her dedication to enhancing wellness and providing comprehensive care.


As the owner and founder of WellNurse Wellness Clinic, Dr. Livingston has established a holistic healthcare haven, offering innovative and natural solutions for well-being. Her credentials are as diverse as her career, holding licenses as a Licensed Practical Nurse and an array of certifications, including PCHA Personal Care Home Administrator, ALA Assisted Living Administrator, and CDP Certified Dementia Practitioner.


In her capacity as the owner and operator of Grace Avail At Home LLC, a non-medical home care agency, Dr. Livingston brings healthcare services directly to those in need. Her commitment to patient-centered care is further evident in the array of specialized services offered, including Mobile Phlebotomy, Mobile Foot Care, and CPR and Health Care Training.


Dr. Livingston's lifelong fascination with naturopathic, holistic, and alternative medicine fuels her ongoing educational pursuits. She is currently working towards her Ph.D. in Natural Medicine and Naturopathic Practitioner studies, ensuring she remains at the forefront of holistic healthcare advancements.


As the Co-owner and founder of WellNurse Wellness Clinic, she has created a holistic health destination that reflects her passion for comprehensive well-being. Dr. Shamika Livingston DN stands as a shining example of a healthcare professional committed to improving lives through holistic and alternative medicine, driving positive change within the field.


Facebook: shamika.livingston

Facebook: winwomeninnursing


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